Take a Deep Breath

Breathe in long ... and deep, let it out slowly, very slowly. Take in another swing, savour it, let it fill you. You are in Goa and the air is fresh and clean mixed with the sea breeze, blowing in from the vast oceans, filtering through the swaying trees and the flapping of butterfly wings.

The wind carries the incessant ebbing of the sea - a rhythmic, cyclical, pulsation of the Earth - in union with the beat within you. Tune in, and you are connected to yourself and to mother nature. You become one with Creation. An experience that is truly humbling and enlightening.

The process is called meditation or ‘dhyana’. It is the great Indic tradition. This tradition has a special place in Goa - a mythical land that emerged from the sea. All life emerged from the sea, but then this link was broken, forgotten and forsaken. In Goa you can still find it - in places that are not yet destroyed by man’s misdeed. Thankfulky there are also several good people that have helped preserve this and they strive everyday to keep it thus.

In Goa you will find, if you are so inclined, practitioners that keep the rituals intact - the rituals that connect you to the Being. These rituals are concerned with the rhythm of the breath. The ancients called it ‘pranayama’. The etymology of the Sanskrit word has two parts - the ‘prana’ or the essential life force, the air we breathe, and ‘yama’, the control, or the mastery of that life force. In practice, it is a set of breathing exercises that focus on the act of breathing - the intake, the retention and its exhalation, in a deliberate and controlled way to achieve specific results.

Breath control is the core of yogic practice. Goa provides an ideal place for such pursuits. An accomplished practitioner or a friendly guide can lead you there. It is perhaps a practice you are already familiar with too. Yoga classes and meditation groups abound in Goa. Here you shall find like-minded people to connect with, to share your passions with and often to enhance your skills or experience of Goa or life as a whole.

Aashyana is an abode that is built with yogic practice at its core. Our ethos is embedded in our tapestry, 'Comforts of a palace - Silence of a monastery'. You shall be hard pressed to find a more ideal place that nurtures yogic beliefs in such a sincere way. We boast of a large yoga pavilion equipped with the best facilities to practice a variety of yoga forms. The 120m2 (1200sq.ft.) area is a mosquito–screened but wall-free structure, equipped with all professional props and accessories used in the practice of Iyengar Yoga. These include the finest quality of yoga mats, belts, bolsters, blocks and an extra-ordinary yoga wall for specific asanas. We also organise yoga camps lead by expert gurus from across the world from time to time.

Our sprawling campus has a vast garden dotted with Buddhist sculptures. Quiet spots ensconced in greenery and nature's fragrances provide for ideal spaces to meditate. The beach decks buffeted by direct sea breeze and a perfect unhindered view of the setting sun. You can breathe in the pure air and be mesmerised with the cascade of waves.

You may step on to the beach and meditate as you feel the tingle of the sand and the surf wash over you. You may meditate on the shimmer of the ocean and loose your gaze into the horizon. You may watch the colours of the sky and the clouds change pattern.

The interplay of earth, sky, air, water and sun perform a magical dance before you live and so beautiful, that you wish to capture it all forever in your memory - Here you are with the elements of nature in all its glory.

Breathe in and feel alive.

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